Nezu Shrine
推薦理由 - The reason you must go! -
・Shibainu-Maru is the only animal which donationed  torii! You can see his torii there. If you post your pictures of you and torii on Instagram with the hashtag #marutorii, Maru will go and see on your page, and press the like button!

推薦評論 - Recommended Reviews for Nezu Shrine -
・Totally worth the visit if you are in the neighborhood!
・文化財愛護 重要文化財
・A really good temple with a Japanese atmosphere.
・It is almost like Kyoto, except compact, and QUIET. I love to chill out a day around here because there are not too many foreigners or Japanese exploring the area.

The University of Tokyo
The main campus of UTokyo is opened to visitors. You can use the cafeterias, restaurant and shops. Do you know The statue of Chuken Hachiko at Utokyo? This is at Agriculture Building of Tokyo University.Be a witness!They really wanted to see each other in 90 years. This is the very fantastic catch up!

Why is it there, at Agriculture Building of Tokyo University (“Yayoi Campus) ?
Because Hachi’s owner, Eizaburo Ueno was a professor of the Tokyo Imperial University (the precursor of the present Univ. of Tokyo). On 8 March 2015, marking the 80 years memorial of Hachi’s death, the statue of Hachi and Dr. Ueno were built and unveiled the monument. Since then many people came to see the statue on the Yayoi campus, Univ. of Tokyo, it is now becoming one of the Tokyo popular sight seeing spots. When you come and see the statue, you will also find a permanently stored Hachiko’s heart and related document, and Dr. Ueno’s bronze bust, which are all stored in the Museum of Agriculture Department right next to the Agriculture main gate.
★ 1-1-1, Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
★ 9:00〜17:00 (Admission free!), No fixed days off

“Hachiko Day”
Hachiko and Dr, Ueno project sells Hachiko goods at the Museum of Agriculture on the 8th of each month.
【 Museum of Agriculture Department 】
★ 1-1-1, Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
★ 10:00〜16:00


Yumeji TAKEHISA Museum
Yumeji TAKEHISA (September 16, 1884 to September 1, 1934) was a Japanese painter and poet. In the Taisho period, Yumeji TAKEHISA gained popularity by his bijinga which blended ukiyoe style with the trend of Taisho Roman called 'Yumeji shiki bijin' (beautiful women of Yumeji style); the bijinga of Yumeji style are still very popular even today.
★ 2-4-2, Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo ★ 10:00〜17:00

Ueno Park (上野公園, Ueno Kōen) is a large public park next to Ueno Station in central Tokyo. As you already know, it's a cultural mecca with a number of museums, shrines and Ueno Zoo.

Nearby Attractions
アメ横商店街 / Ameya-yokocho
Ameya-yokocho started as a black market post world war when American goods were sold here. Now the streets are crowded with stores offering clothes, fresh fish and dried food.

They say that foreign traveler really likes to travel around Asakusa temple in rickshaw while they enjoy description from the guide and the landscape of the district. There are also some rickshaw drawers who guide them in English or Chinese.

秋葉原 / akihabara
Akihabara also called Akiba. In more recent years, Akiba has gained recognition as the center of Japan's otaku culture, and many shops and establishments devoted to anime and manga are now dispersed among the electronic stores in the district.


鯛魚燒 / Nezu-no-Taiyaki
Taiyaki is a fish-shaped pancake filled with red bean paste. You should hurry. They will close when all anko (red bean paste) has been finished.
★ 1-23-9, Nedu, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
★ 10:30〜12:30 (They will be sold out pretty soon!), No fixed days off

油炸糖点心 / kalinto
It’s a Japanese traditional sweet, deep-fried dough covered in brown sugar. So yummy!
★ 1-21-6, Nedu, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
★ 10:30〜16:30, 7 days a week


【烏龍麵】釜竹 - Kamachiku - / udon
Kamachiku is a noodle restaurant located an area of narrow alleys at Nezu. Very tasty, friendly, good value and an authentic experience.
★ 2-14-18, Nedu, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
★ 10:30〜12:30, No fixed days off

【炸串】はん亭 - Hantei - / Deep fried skeweres
This is a traditional Japanese-style house. You can definitely enjoy Japanese food and quaint atmosphere. Highly recommended to visit this part of town with lunch here.
★ 2-12-15, Nedu, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
★ 11:30〜15:00(L.O.14:00)/17:00〜23:00(L.O.22:00),
be closed on Mondays

【酒店】 ホテルグラフィー根津 -

我常常在咖啡厅休息!Good location for sightseeing! Ueno is the nearest major station. It’s a 10 minute walk past the zoo. Alternatively, Nezu station is a couple of minutes walk from the hotel. They have a nice lounge area and a typical japanese tatami if you want to rest a bit before check in.
★ 4-5-10, Ikenohata, Tito-ku, Tokyo
★ 07:30〜23:00, No days off

【拉麵】じゃんがら / Ramen
What language would you like your menu in Chinese, Korean, Thai or English? We have all of them! Although you can find ramen restaurants in every corner of Japan and taste countless regional variations, you should try this JAPANESU TONKOTSU!
★ 3-11-6, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
★ 10:30〜23:30(weekdays)/09:30〜23:30

【 GALLERY MARUSAN 】- Shibainu Maru’s official shop -
Conveniently located on Shinobazu-dori, within walking distance from the UENO Park. A Blue, vertically long banner serves as a landmark will bring you in! We have a great selection of items and hope you have a wonderful time. Why don't you come over here?

Life-size MARU's bronze statue has been decorated (but for the limited time only) in front of GALLERY ! Of course he is  alive and in good health, just we want you to feel MARU's real size and his expressive face. This will become a new sightseeing spot ! It’s so instagrammable !!

★ 2-12-3, Nedu, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
★ 11:00〜18:00
★ Friday,Saturday,Monday,Public holiday
* Busy season, New Year, etc. will be announced on Instagram or Twitter as needed.
造物主产品 / one of a kind
We have variety of exquisite works by talented designers. How about for a special souvenir?

一律100円商品 / Each item is 100 yen (tax excluded)
Lower prices, but higher quality. This especially is MADE IN JAPAN!

扭蛋 / Gachapon CAPSULEs
Gachapon is really popular among men and women of all ages in Japan. This machine looks like a coin candy dispenser. When you insert 400 yen and turn a handle, then a capsule comes out from the coin dispenser machine! We have many kinds of capsules. What’s fun is that you don’t know what you are going to get! If you want to use up your change, try Gachapon!

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This coupon gives you 10% off on your visit. Show this coupon page at GALLERY MARUSAN.

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信用卡资讯 / you can use Credit card
Credit cards are available at GALLERY MARUSAN.

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There are 25 types of key chains. Faster find your favorite design! You can put it on your bag or pouch, so Maru will keep staying beside you♪ You can buy this key chain with your friend, and get a pair of matching keyichain as a symbol of you friendship. Super cute, right?
'总共有25款不同款式的钥匙圈。找出您最喜欢的MARU吧! 您可以把它挂在包包或袋子上让MARU一直跟随着你哦♪ 我们建议大家买个能一起配对的钥匙圈,这样看起来会特别的可爱哦!

3-color ballpoint pen

3-color pen designed with Maru and Mr. Panda. Feel energetic just holding this colorful「Shibainu Maru」pen. Can use it on school or workplace ♪ This 3-color ballpoint pen has a grip that prevent tiredness and it's thickness let us easier to hold. This pen come with 3 ink which are black, red and green that can be used at anytime ♪
'有着 熊猫叔叔和Maru的3色钢笔。只是握着这只写着【柴犬Maru】的三色圆珠笔时,心里就会涌出无限地元气哦!上课或工作时都能使用它哦 ♪ 这一个三色圆珠笔有着防止手酸的手柄和厚实的身形让我们更容易使用它。它配有着最基本的3种墨水(鄂А红色,绿色),让你在任何时间都能使用它哦 ♪

Season Postcard

Shibainu Maru postcard. The theme of the postcard will change at every season♪ It is also recommended as a gift.
'柴犬Maru明信片. 明信片的主题都会跟着季节更换哦 ♪ 作为礼物也是强力推荐哦〜

Shibainu Maru 2020 Wall Calendar
柴犬Maru 2020年 墙挂式日历

The 2020 Shibainu Maru Wall Calendar is now on sale! You can enjoy just looking at different Maru each month. You can make used calenders into posters by cutting down the photos.

Shibainu Maru 2020 Weekly Desk Calendar
柴犬Maru 2020年 桌式每周日历

This is a very popular Maru's weekly desk calendar. You can see a different cute photo of Maru each week. This is A5 size which is perfect for your desk, dining table, and bathroom.

Shibainu Maru 2020 Osanpo Desk Calendar
柴犬Maru 2020年 桌式日历

Desk calender of "Shibainu Maru to Osanpo" is just released! You can enjoy looking at a different photo of Maru each month at your office desk and the desk in your room. There is space to write your schedule on the calender and it is convenient!
超级大人气的“与柴犬MARU散步”的桌上日历正式推出了啦! 您可以把它放在办公桌或家里的书桌上,每个月欣赏着表情特别丰富的柴犬MARU。 日历上都保留了空间给大家写写你的行程哦!

Household goods

Shibainu Maru X Supergirl Coin Case
柴犬Maru X Supergirl 零钱包

Shibainu Maru collaborate with Supergirl! The design has combined the old fashioned drink package with Maru Just having it will make you excited! Coin purse is attached with pass holder so it's convenient when you are going for a shopping. The inner side of this coin purse is separated and the cards and coins can be organized well.
'柴犬Maru X Supergirl的合作商品!设计上面有着家喻户晓的饮料包装和MARU,超级有FEEL的啦! 我们把卡套和零钱包结合在了一起,所以出远门时也非常地方便哦。零钱包的内层里有分割开来所以放信用卡或零钱时也不会弄的乱七八糟哦☆


Shibainu Maru X Supergirl Key Case
柴犬Maru X Supergirl 钥匙包

Shibainu Maru collaborate with Supergirl! there are 2 kinds of designs. One is the design that Maru is in a delicious-looking jam, and the other is the design that Maru gets his favorite Taiyaki. You can put up to 4 keys and 2 cards! It is great as a gift☆
'柴犬Maru X Supergirl的合作商品!总共有两款不同的设计。MARU在果酱罐里的款式和MARU骑着他最喜欢的鲷鱼烧上的款式哦。此款钥匙包能放到4把钥匙和两张卡哦!作为礼物也是非常的不错哦☆

Shrines Stamp Book

Goshuin-cho is a book for collecting red ink stamps from temples and shrines as the proof of visiting them. There are 2 kinds of designs. Maru sleeps on the pink sakura bed and Maru smiles like a fully-bloosom Chrysanthemum. The charm with glitter of same patten is also released.

Maru Safety Charm

It is the same design as Goshuincho which is released at the same time. We released 2 different designs of “Omamori”in this series. Which do you prefer? Maru sleeps on the pink sakura bed? or Maru smiles like a fully-bloosom Chrysanthemum? It seems like we can hear a message from Maru which is "The secret of good health is smiling everyday and sleep well like Maru!"

Shibainu Maru Wood Photo Frame

Decorate your room by using this frame! At the side of this red frame, a sitting cute Maru can be spotted *Any fragile mateiral has not used in this frame so you can use it safely. A set of monthly calendar is included .You can put the calender on the front and the photo on the back. Thare are various way to use this photo frame!
'您可以把你你喜爱的照片放进这木相框里把它当作你房间里的摆设哦!红色的木框加上旁边有个非常可爱地坐在旁边的MARU!相框没用到任何玻璃,所以你不用担心会跌碎和割到你的双手。还不立马把你最喜欢的MARU照片放进这相框吗? 这相框里我们也附送一个月历给大家。如果您想要使用的话,您可以把你心爱的照片放在背面然后把月历放在前面哦!

Shibainu Maru Framed Photo

Wooden frame goes well with any room design. Why don't you decorate your room and living room with this framed Maru's photo? The Maru family's daily life and travelling photo are used for the framed photo. The frame comes in 2 colors, We recommend to decorate them by mixing it with different colors. It is great for a gift!
'MARU附框照片正式登场了哦!相框有着非常暖和的色彩,搭配任何的家也是非常地适合的哦。您要不要尝尝把它摆设在您的卧室或客厅里呢?有两款不同颜色的相框,如果把这两种不同颜色的相框一起用的话,可能会呈现出一种优雅的感觉哦! 至于照片呢,就是柴犬MARU的日常生活或是去游玩的照片了啦!可是我们的主题都会使用MARU的日常生活照哦。 *您也可以直接把他当作礼物送给你心爱的人。

Shibainu Maru Switch Sticker

Why don't you decorate your room with Maru's sticker? You can put the sticker on the light switch and door!It must be good as a gift too!
'这MARU贴纸可以让你房间变得非常地可爱哦 您只需要把这贴纸贴房间里的按钮边或者是门边,就可以让你房间的氛围完全改变,当作礼物送给他人可能会让他们感觉非常开心哦!

Luggage Sticker

Large and cute luggage sticker on sale now! 2 types of sticker which are Japanese-style Shibainu Maru and Travelling (France,England...) Maru. We recommend to paste it on your travel case or car. Furthermore, you also can put it on your smartphone case or notebook to make it's look nicer♪You can use it for various purposes so how about create your own way to use this sticker perfectly♪ Just paste a piece of this sticker and it will make those place look more classy.
巨大且可爱的旅行箱贴纸正式登场咯!此款贴纸被分为两种,有着日本风味的柴犬MARU和海外旅行中(法国,英国)的柴犬MARU~ 建议大家把这贴纸贴在行李箱或车上。也可以把它贴在您的电话壳上或是笔记本上让它们看起来更漂亮和整齐♪ 您可以把它用于各种目的,从现在开始,创造出自己的方式更完美地使用它吧♪ 只需要把这贴纸贴在你想要贴的地方,那地方就会显得更加亮眼哦~

Shibainu Maru Sticker

It is a sticker which is full of various Maru in 1 sheet! This sticker is made from PVC material which is water resistant and hard to broken! You can stick it anywhere you like and enjoy it☆W e recommend to put it on your schedule book.

Shibainu Maru Masking Tape

Shibainu Maru Masking tape. There are 12 kinds of patterns. Put it on your notebook and planner and enjoy it with your own `style`!
柴犬MARU花纹纸胶带。 总共有12款不同的花纹。您可以把它贴在你喜欢的地方或者在您的行事历里哦!

Storage goods

Shibainu Maru Brush Pot

It can keep your stationeries such as pen, scissor, glue or sticky notes. It is made from wood which can go well with anywhere. It also can be used as an accessory or cosmetic case too! There is Maru face printed on the front and the tail of Maru is printed on the back. You can enjoy different sides of your favorite Maru according your feeling.
'木制笔筒正式登场了哦! 您可以把你经常用的文具(例如铅笔,剪刀,浆糊等等)放进这笔筒里哦。 木制的笔筒配上单调色彩的房间会让房间映照出一种不同的氛围哦!除此之外,您也可以把小雕饰,手表或钥匙放在着笔筒里哦~ 笔筒的前后面有印刷上了MARU的正背面,您可以随着自己心情来转换你笔筒的摆设哦⋆

Big Shibainu Maru Pouch

It is printed with full color and easy-to-use. Our fan love big Maru, so we have put our efforts for making this pouch and a big head Maru is printed on it. Maru always said "I have a small face!", but if we make it large, it will looks fluffy and cute! We have choose blue color for this pouch, so it is slightly different with the normal pouch!
'大家特别喜欢的小零钱包,正式推出了全色彩巨大版的零钱包哦! 看来大家还是比较喜欢巨大的柴犬MARU吧,所以我们全心全意为大家设计出了此款商品。偷偷告诉你们个秘密,MARU说“我的脸明明就很小嘛!”,虽然他这样说了,可是我们想呈现出MARU那柔暖的触感,所以我们无视了MARU的不满😀。这一次零钱包也用了非常大胆地蓝色,现在为止最特别的零钱包哦!

Flat Pouch

It is a larger flat pouch made with 100% polyster, so it is very hard to broken and you can use it easily. Let's put small things such as cosmetic tools and stationeries in the pouch to organize your bag!
'这是一款大尺寸扁平包。 此款包使用了100%的聚酯,所以使用时非常难破损,所以您可以非常放心地使用它。 您也可以把您的化妆品,随充或文具放进这扁平包里,让您的背包或手提包里变得更整齐哦☆

Shibainu Maru X koguma2990 Tissue Box
柴犬Maru X koguma2990 纸巾盒

It is a wooden tissue box designed Maru playing with a tissue box on the front and his back on the back. It is designed sleeping Maru that is tired from playing it on the cover. Because it is made of wood, it is heart-warming and it goes well with anywhere!
'由Koguma桑设计的纸巾盒正式推出了啦! 纸巾盒的正面有着MARU在玩着纸巾盒的样子,从后面看去,您能看到不想被爸爸发现在偷完纸巾的MARU。 纸巾盒的顶部呢,则有着玩纸巾玩累了,趴着睡懒觉的MARU,感觉非常地疗愈哦! 纸巾盒是于木的颜色来制作的,放在客厅或职场上的桌子也能衬托出一种非常高级的感觉哦!

Tissue Box Rack

It is easy to use because it is possible to take the tissue when the tissue is put on the right side and in the depression. There is also a storage space on the left side, so you can store the things around the table such as air conditioners, TV remote controls, glasses that are easy to forget where you put them, so your room looks clean.
'组合式纸巾盒架,架子的右侧能放入纸巾盒,我们设计了一个凹槽,所以你要抽纸巾出来时也非常地方便♪ 架子的左侧呢,则可以摆放您的遥控器,眼镜等等容易不见的物品,是不是非常地不错呢? 架子上有着柴犬MARU和他的交响乐团在演奏着噢!看着MARU和她的朋友一起演奏时的样子,会让我也想和他一起演奏起来哦! 此款商品使用了木来制造,所以呢,会让您有一种亲近大自然的感觉,让你感觉非常地放松哦~ 而且它也非常适合摆设在和式或样式的房间里哦。

Japanese various goods

Maru & Apple Japanese Handkerchief

Soft textured "Maru and apple tenugui" is now on sale! Tenugui (手ぬぐい) is a patterned, thin cotton cloth traditionally used as hand towels in Japan. This one is made by using "chusen" dyeing technique. Maru's face is drawn in the apple pattern background. Spot a hidden letter"M"for "Maru" among them. You can use tenugui in various ways such as decoration, wrapping cloths, handkerchiefs, bandanas, etc. and they make perfect souvenirs for your precious one. Feel the taste of Japan with this authentic Japanese item.
柴犬Maru和可爱苹果们的日式手巾开始正式贩卖了哦!到底什么是日式手巾呢?日式手巾是一种非常薄然后上面有着花纹的一种日本传统手巾。这个手巾是使用一种名为“注染”的日本传统染色方法。这次的主题是我们把柴犬Maru和他最喜欢的苹果放在一起的设计哦〜仔细看的话,你可以看到有一个柴犬Maru的M字在这个设计里哦〜大家一起来找找看吧! 以前呢,日式手巾会用在各种各样的地方,例如厨房,装饰品,手帕或手巾之类的。对于经常照顾你的人或外国人来说,Maru店长推荐给大家这是一个可以让其他人感受到日本传统气息的纪念品和礼物哦。

Japanese Handkerchief

Shibainu Maru collaborate with textile brand "Hamamonyo"Sending "New Wa" from Yokohama!It is dyed it with the traditional Yokohama indigo dyeing.The artisans carefully dye each process, creating a more beautiful and more vivid Tenugui. It is excellent in use."Wipe", "Wash", "Wrap", "Decorate"...If you have one Tenugui, you can do anything!It is good for a gift.
来自横滨“日式”新设计,“柴犬MARU”和“HAMAMONYO”合作的新商品!为你呈现出了传统的横滨捺染染色方式。 职人们为了能染出鲜艳又漂亮的颜色,每一个的步骤都非常细心地在染着。为了充分利用日本天然纤维的质感,Hamamonyo使用了一种自家制和命名为“若叶”的特殊纤维,所以使用起来也非常地好。不管是【抹】,【洗】,【包裹】,【装饰】。。。只要有个日式手巾就能做到了哦! 我们也非常推荐大家当作礼物送给你珍惜的人。


Your smile calls the fortune and MARU may come to you! Decorate at a place which you can often see such as your living room, entrance and office desk. Even if you have any troubles, when you see this Ema, you will smile.
'经常笑的话,福气就会到来哦。 您可以把它当成吊饰挂在你家的玄关或者是公司的桌子上。当你有烦恼时,你可能只要看一下这祈愿板,很不可思议地,您可能会不由自主地笑起来哦。不管是雨天还是晴天,都要一直笑着哦😀

Coin Pouch

We recommend to put small items such as lips and mirrors☆ a palm-sized Gamaguchi is good for a little shopping and cotton is firmly contained in it. It has a string around the neck, and it is sure to look good when you wear a kimono with this Gamaguchi♪
'推荐大家把口红或镜子等等的小物品放在这小钱包里哦⭐这小钱包只有着手掌一样的大小,内部则有着棉花般柔顺的质感,所以也推荐大家出远门时也使用它哦。 穿和服时带上它会衬托出不一样的感觉哦♪

Mini Purse Shibainu Maru Travelling Series
迷你零钱包 柴犬Maru观光系列

The popular mini purse that designed the tourist attraction that everyone knows is released!There are various designs tourist attractions such as Mt. Fuji, Tokyo Tower and Maru's favorite spot which you often see in Instagram. Please feel like you are going out with Maru and his friends!
超级大人气的观光系列迷你零钱包正式推出了啦⭐这些观光地的设计包括了MARU经常去游玩的地方盒日本有名的富士山,东京铁塔都有在此系列的迷你零钱包里面哦。您可以把它放在您的包包里,带着MARU和他的朋友们一起去外面游玩哦! 虽然是叫做零钱包,但是您也能在里面放些小零食或者是些小物品在里面哦。而且,它也可以被当作是你礼物的包装送给您的朋友,可能他们会非常开心哦!

Mini Purse Shibainu Maru Japanese Style Series
迷你零钱包 柴犬Maru和式系列

The popular mini purse that designed Japanese patterns such as bean dishes and tasteful designs such as Hanafuda and a rabbit in the moon.Shiba Inu is one of Japan's leading natural monuments, so it goes very well with japanese taste.The pattern of Sushi is the same design as the one that was sold with a dry T-shirt and towel before, but it is reproducedwith the mini purse because we received a lot of popular voices.
这次我们推出了有日本风味的花纹系列的迷你零钱包哦⭐说到日本,柴犬就是一只非常具有代表性的天然纪念物了啊。柴犬配上日本风味的设计感觉是不是非常地不错呢?这系列中有个有着寿司花纹的迷你零钱包呢,是跟我们以前贩卖过的T恤有着一摸一样的设计哦!因为大家一直想要购买此款设计的迷你零钱包,所以我们决定为大家在重新贩卖此类设计! 虽然是叫做零钱包,但是您也能在里面放些小零食或者是些小物品在里面哦。而且,它也可以被当作是你礼物的包装送给您的朋友,可能他们会非常开心哦!
Fabric products

Imabari face towel

Maru, the most famous Japanese shiba inu in the world, collaborates with the world class towel brand Imabari towel.

Imabari hand towel

Imabari towels' biggest charm is the softness due to the use of high-quality cotton and threads which are not hard-twisted. Besides, they are environmentally friendly and gentle on your skin.

Shibainu Maru Happy Days Blanket
Happy Days 柴犬Maru被单

YThis is perfect for spring and summer. A new released blanket is on sale now! The "Happy Days" at here mean if you use this blanket you will feel Maru is always beside you and have a good time every day. It is light, smooth and compact, so it can be used for day trips and events. It can also be used as a lap robe and for naps.
春夏都非常适合的淡色被单终于登场了啦! 为什么我们会命名为 "Happy Days 柴犬MARU被单"呢?因为当您有了它,您就会感觉到MARU都一直在你的身边哦😀 不只轻便,也非常容易携带,所以出门旅游时也是必备的哦,是不是非常低方便啊?夏天时,在冷气房里时,拿来盖你的膝盖或者是睡午觉用它也是非常不错的选择哦!

Soft Maru Blanket

Have you ever seen these Maru anywhere?Put this blanket on your leg and feel the soft touch of Maru. If you have a dog or a cat in your house, they might sleep on the blanket and enjoy a good sleep with you♪It is a blanket that you can feel the warmth in the fabric that is perfect for autumn and winter.
有没有试过在哪里都能看见MARU的感觉呢?你可以把这张放在你的膝盖上然后感受着MARU那软软绵绵的触感哦。如果你家里有狗狗或猫猫的话呢,因为实在是太舒服了,所以可能也会在这被上睡懒觉哦! 在秋冬季时,只要披上它,你就能感觉到暖和的感觉哦! 您可以宠一宠自己,买这个几乎完美的被子*或者时送给你珍惜的人哦⭐

Shiba sui Blanket

It is a soft and single-size blanket that has a smooth texture. What is "Shiba sui"? Have you ever breathed in your dog's coat by burying your nose? It is called "Inu sui". Doing "Inu sui" to Shiba inu is called "Shiba sui"♪You can experienced "Shiba sui" by using this blanket! You can feel like hugging Maru from the back and breathe heavily at the back of the head!
触感非常好的单人床被单正式退出了啦!这次最新的推出竟然是柴犬的呼吸??!! 到底什么是“柴吸”!?简单来说呢就是把你的鼻子埋在柴犬的身上然后用力的深呼吸,其实那感觉是非常的不错的哦!此款设计呢。就是为了让你感觉你能从后面抱着MARU的感觉而精心为大家准备的设计哦! 虽然有点不好意思,MARU身上的昆布味没有占在这上面,可是也拜托你好好享受这个体验哦⭐ 当你在夏天的冷气房使用它时,那个感觉也是非常地棒的哦!

Colorful Cushion

Colorful Sofa Pillow is now on sale! You can put it on your living room or on your lovely bed, and you will feel Maru is staying beside you! Futhermore, you also can put the sofa pillow on your office or car seat! The behind of this sofa pillow you can see some cute logo is printed on it! Faster buy it before is too late!

Shibainu Maru Cute Cushion

The previous series is extremely popular, here come our New's Maru Cushion Series⭐ This time, we are using 2019 Maru as our model, if you look behind of this cushion, you can see Maru;s tail is soo cute😀 "One House, One Mar"…No, is "One People, One Maru!" If you hug it as a pillow, you will feel like hugging a real Maru!
以前就非常有人气的QQ柴犬MARU靠垫推出全新款式了哦⭐ 我们用了MARU近期的样子来呈现出真实感⭐仔细看看后面Maru的尾巴还是翘着的哦是不是非常的可爱呢? 一间家里一定要有一只MARU,啊!是一个人一定要有一只MARU,那是基本哦! 如果你把他当成抱枕的话,就好像你抱着真正的MARU在睡觉哦!

Shibainu Maru「Dreaming Maru」Pillow Case

How about a good night sleep with this cute cartoon Maru? The front of this pillow case is a fabulous cartoon Maru* you will feel cured just touching this pillow case! The behind of this case is different styles of cute cartoon Maru who is enjoying his afternoon sleep. If you use this pillow case, maybe you can meet our dearest Maru in you dream! 2 sides of this pillow case have different design, you can follow your mood for changing the side of this pillow case! It is hard to broken and wrinkled, so it is super long lasting.
想不想和这卡通MARU一起睡觉,然后度过一个舒服的午觉呢? 表面呢又在非常可爱的卡通MARU⭐你可以抚摸着枕头一边睡觉哦,感觉是不是非常地棒呢? 背面的花纹则是卡通MARU倒着睡觉的样子哦,是不是非常地可爱呢😀 当你使用了这枕头套睡觉时,有可能还会梦见MARU哦,是不是很不错啊! 两面都有不同的设计,您可以跟着你那天的心情看你想用正面还是背面哦!而且,这款枕头套还非常难皱和破损哦,所以他的耐久性也是不能被否定的。

100yen per item!

Shibainu Maru X CanDo
柴犬Maru X CanDo

All of this items are 100yen each! Please use those items as much as you like*